Santa Clarita Auto Repair

AAMCO Santa Clarita is a complete car care center.
Here are a few of the services we offer:

  • We maintain and repair most makes and models.
  • We are a preferred vendor for extended warranties and fleets.
  • We hold numerous certifications.
  • We have master technicians on-site.

Professional Auto Repair

Car Oil Changes

It is important to get your oil changed on a routine basis. Since the summer months are upon us, if you have not checked your oil level, lights or overall status it would be wise to pay us a visit!

Car Shocks & Struts

Have you found that going over speed bumps in the road or even running over small potholes feels like a mountain? Getting your shocks checked and adjusted could be the issue.

Car Brake Work

The other day we saved the lives of not one but two families. Having your brakes checked regularly is extremely important to not only your cars health
but also the safety of your life

Car Computer Repair

As technology advances in our homes as does the technology in our cars. If you are one of those car owners that feels that their internal car computer is giving you some issues, bring it by our car repair shop!

Car Alignments

Not only can you save on your tire replacement but you can also prevent internal car parts from needing to be replaced as well.

Auto Tune Ups

Need a quick car tune up? This car repair shop is your optimal choice.

Auto/Car Electrical

Having any interesting light shows in your car? We can handle electrical car problems.

Check Engine Lights

Want to know why that distracting light is glowing on your dash? Let us diagnose and repair the problem.

Car Drive Lines

The drive line is a series of components that connect the motion produced by the engine to the wheels of the car to provide forward (or backward) motion.

Car Axels

Improperly aligned axles and tires will create drag along the roads surface, forcing the engine to work harder to propel the vehicle.

Car Steering

Maintaining your car steering is extremely vital. If there are any concerns regarding this, get it checked right away!

Auto Suspension

Proper car suspension should maximize the friction between your tires and the road.

Car Radiators

If you see signs of overheating it could be your car radiator. To be certain bring it in to our shop and we can diagnose the car problem right
on the spot!

Car Water Pumps

Water pumps are essential to the cars cooling system. Be extra careful in these upcoming summer months, your engine must remain cool.

Car Starters

Are you having issues starting your car, and you think it could be your starter? Bring the car to us and we can verify your theory.

Car Alternators

Alternator gone bad? We have a fix for this car problem as well.

Car Batteries

Even though your car turns
on, your battery could be bad. Most car batteries
even at a 30% functioning capacity can still start
your car.

Car Factory Required Maintenance

Owning a car is meant to be a luxury, but remember, be responsible about it as well.

Car Exhaust

The exhaust system of your car is very important in dissipating gases that are created by the engine’s operation.

Car Catalytic Converters

Catalytic converters are intended to convert toxic emissions into more benign forms.

Any leaks, noises, lighting issues, filters, fluids, pumps, and any thing else you can think of…
Call AAMCO Santa Clarita for Professional Auto Repair.